Simplification of Parts 2 and 7?

date 2023-09-23 


For over 20 years ISO 15926-2 ("Part 2") has been untouched, as it should be, because it is the foundation of ISO 15926. In general it is rather unwise to change a foundation, and when it is done it is an expensive endeavour. Extensions are OK though.

I have proposed some extensions, as can be seen here.

But now some folks want to "simplify" Part 2, because their tools have a problem with it. In fact they want to scrape prompts from data sheets and declare them Properties. However these are instances of rdf:Property, as used in vanilla RDF, but they have nothing to do with ISO 15926, unless properly mapped to Part 7 Templates.

Then they said that Part 7 Templates are too complex. The fact is that the Part 7 templates are vanilla N-ary relationships in vanilla RDF, and have internals that define their semantics in terms of Part 2 entity types. If you don't take the time to understand Part 2 then these are perceived as "complex", like always when you want to judge when you don't know the details.

I have drafted three graphs in which I fully detailed the model around:

These clearly show how Part 2 is to be used in conjunction with the Part 4 RDL and extensions of the latter.

In the diagrams reference is made to PLM node numbers, which can be found here.