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ISO 15926 is modeled in a data-driven fashion, using templates that have "Roles" in the information represented by that template, and where those Roles make reference to the URI of objects that have been declared as instances of the Part 2 entity types. Some of these instances are of global interest and some of local interest. The formers are stored in the ISO 15926-4 Reference Data Library, the latters in local extensions of same.

Typical Code

:RDS416834 rdf:type dm:ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject;
   rdfs:subclassOf :RDS422594, :RDS2220063 ; # ARTEFACT, BARE PUMP
   rdfs:label "CENTRIFUGAL PUMP"@en ;
   skos:definition "A  is an  and a  utilizing impellers provided with vanes generating centrifugal force to achieve the required pressure head."@en ;
   meta:valEffectiveDate "1999-07-01T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .

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RDL Site Map

Below is the list of Part 2 entity types of which instances are, or will be, stored in the RDL.

Classes represented in the Reference Data Library
ISO 15926-2 entity type Typical RDL content (partly taken from Part 2) Number of Classes
Cardinality 0:* , 1:1 7
ClassOfAbstractObject ISO 15926-3 classes 251
ClassOfActivity Welding, Hydrofining 2355
ClassOfApproval Senior Engineer approves Specifications 0
ClassOfApprovalByStatus Rejected, 'A' Approved (usually in local RDL extension) 0
ClassOfArangementOfIndividual unlikely to have many entries (go to subtypes) 0
ClassOfAssemblyOfIndividual CENTRIFUGAL PUMP has 1:* IMPELLER 0
ClassOfAssertion ;'Asserted' (yes) or 'Denied' (no), 90% Probable 3
ClassOfAtom All entries in the periodic table of elements. 202
ClassOfBiologicalMatter blood, enzyme, plasma 17
ClassOfCauseOfBeginningOfClassOfIndividual A pump manufacturing activity causes the beginning of a pump (via template) 4
ClassOfCauseOfEndingOfClassOfIndividual A pump crushing activity causes the end of the life of a pump (via template) 0
ClassOfClass 'NORSOK CLASS' 0
ClassOfClassOfComposition use in local RDL extension to group standard composition info. 0
ClassOfClassOfDefinition PUMP is defined with a PUMP SPECIFICATION 4
ClassOfClassOfDescription ArrangedIndividual is decribed with a SERVICE DESCRIPTION 12
ClassOfClassOfIdentification FunctionalPhysicalObject is identified with a TAG Number 71
ClassOfClassOfIndividual 'Premium Product'; Electrotechnical Classes 2
ClassOfClassOfInformationObject RDFS LABEL 0
ClassOfClassOfInformationRepresentation Document Numbering System, Remark 1
ClassOfClassOfRelationshipWithSignature Transitive 0
ClassOfClassOfRepresentationTranslation English-to-German 0
ClassOfCompositeMaterial plywood, fibreglass, carbon fibre, wood, muscle, skin 13
ClassOfCompositionOfIndividual Crude Oil has sand inclusions 0
ClassOfCompound Water, sulphuric acid, sand, limestone, and steel 517
ClassOfConnectionOfIndividual DRIVE-TO-DRIVEN CONNECTION 2
ClassOfContainmentOfIndividual Vessel contains Fluid 0
ClassOfDirectConnection Flanged connection, Instrument Electrical Signal Connection 23
ClassOfEvent 'Pump starts', 'Vendor shipping' 134
ClassOfFeature Raised Face, surface, annulus, socket welding end 348
ClassOfFeatureWholePart unlikely to have many entries (go to subtypes) 0
ClassOfFunctionalMapping Input1/Input2=Result (definition via template) 85
ClassOfFunctionalObject Pump, Fastener 1339
ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject Centrifugal pump, 2-Core cable, Cleat 8242
ClassOfIndirectConnection Pressure Transmitter can be indirectly connected to a nozzle or stub 10
ClassOfIndirectProperty maximum allowable working pressure, test pressure, design temperature, nominal size, etc 897
ClassOfIndividual colors 14
ClassOfIndividualUsedInConnection Packing is used in flanged connection 3
ClassOfInformationObject Pump Specification 963
ClassOfInformationPresentation bold, italic, Times New Roman, 16pt, red 14
ClassOfInformationRepresentation postal address 1
ClassOfintendedRoleAndDomain PUMP is intended to act as PERFORMER in a PUMPING activity 0
ClassOfinvolvementByReference WELDING SPEC is involved-by-reference in WELDING 4
ClassOfIsomorphicFunctionalmapping The natural logarithm function 0
ClassOfLifecycleStage Planned, required, expected, proposed 6
ClassOfMolecule H2O, H2SO4, and DNA 1545
ClassOfMultidimensionalObject Q-H CURVE, GEODETIC DATUM 12
ClassOfNumber Prime Number 1
ClassOfOrganism Earthworm, Oak Tree, and Bacteria 1
ClassOfOrganization Manufacturer, EPC Contractor 78
ClassOfParticulateMaterial bag of bolts, catalyst fill 11
ClassOfPeriodInTime Sunday, July 17
ClassOfPerson Male Person, citizen of France, discipline expert 210
ClassOfPointInTime Midnight 3
ClassOfPossibleRoleAndDomain Pump can play the role of anchor 0
ClassOfPropertySpace Property curves, Property areas, and Property volumes of various dimensionality and degrees of freedom 3
ClassOfRecognition measuring the temperature of a fluid 4
ClassOfRelationshipWithSignature IS MANUFACTURED BY, IS SOLD BY 11
ClassOfRelativeLocation Beside, above, below 19
ClassOfScale SI Unit 67
ClassOfScaleConversion psig-to-barg 0
ClassOfShape line, circle, square, cylinder, sphere, cone 27
ClassOfShapeDimension (concept of) diameter, height, width 301
lci:ClassOfSpatialLocation construction area, hazardous area 184
ClassOfSpecialization members of the class "family of ASME bolts", e.g. 3 inch, 2 inch bolts, are specializations of members of the EnumeratedPropertySet "set of bolt lengths", e.g. 3 inch, 2 inch 0
ClassOfStatus Approval Status, Maintenance Status 22
lci:ClassOfStream Liquid Stream 14
ClassOfSubAtomicParticle Proton, electron, meson, neutron, positron, muon, etc 12
ClassOfTemporalSequence emptying activities for a tank precede cleaning activities 0
CoordinateSystem WGS 84, or plant coordinate system defined in local RDL extension (via template) 5
CrystallineStructure Ferritic, martensitic, and austenitic 8
DocumentDefinition Pump Specification content, tagNumber format, etc 97
EnumeratedNumberSet {3,4,5} 0
EnumeratedPropertySet {115 Volt, 240 Volt} 0
EnumeratedSetOfclass use for standard Information views 29
ExpressString any sequence of literals 21
Language English, French, C++, Java 44
MultidimensionalNumber {3.2, 5.4, 55.6} ,; try to avoid as reference data 0
MultidimensionalNumberSpace {1.0, 2.1, 5.4} ,; try to avoid as reference data 0
MultidimensionalProperty a point on a QH-curve such as { 38.5 m3/hr , 5.9 m H2O }, try to avoid as reference data 3
MultidimensionalPropertySpace Cartesian coordinates 2
MultidimensionalScale [m3/hr,bar] 1
NumberRange -273.1 to +infinity , 4 - 20 10
ParticipatingRoleAndDomain 'Performer and Pump' 3
Phase liquid, vapour, solid 10
PossibleRoleAndDomain unlikely to have many entries 0
Property +20°C; Avogadro Constant 7
PropertyRange -10; °C to +20 °C , 4 - 20 maDC 24
PropertySpace Acoustic Property Class 2
RepresentationForm Hexadecimal, text, script, symbol, picture, diagram, semaphore, Morse code, music score, MIDI, XML 54
Role Performer, Subject, Input, Output 132
RoleAndDomain ;'Instruction and Welding Specification' 0
Scale Labeling of scale instance is done with template that follows Part 8 Fig. 44 1561
Shape 20mm diameter circle, try to avoid as reference data 0
ShapeDimension e.g. 'diameter of 5m', try to avoid as reference data 0
SinglePropertyDimension temperature, pressure, viscosity, length 1232
Status open', 'painted', 'approved', 'old', 'new', 'worn', 'hazardous', 'safe', 'dangerous', 'happy', 'sad', 'rusty' 157

Note that the RDL;is not yet flawless;and never complete. This is eternal Work-In-Progress.

In total the RDL has 21206 active core classes now.

You can browse through a working library here.

RDL Extensions

Below is a list of links to RDL extensions that contain classes that have been defined by standardization bodies (when selected enter the letter e ):

ADDRESS Classes defined by ORGANIZATION Number of Classes AISI = American Iron and Steel Institute 19 ANSI = American National Standards Institute 4 API = American Petroleum Institute 1573 ASME = American Society of Mechanical Engineers 6765 ASTM = American Society for Testing And Materials 1376 ATEX = ATmosphères EXplosibles 13 BS = British Standards 197 DIN = Deutsches Institut für Normung 519 DNV GL = Det Norske Veritas & Germanischer Lloyd 228 EN standards = standard by European Committee for Standardization 232 IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission 1103 IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 9 ISO = International Organization for Standardization 631 MSS = Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry 72 NEC = National Electrical Code 61 NEMA = National Electrical Manufacturers Association 29 NFPA = National Fire Protection Association 5 NOR = Various Norwegian standards, mainly NORSOK 4943 SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers 53 TEMA = Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association 49 UNS = Unified Numbering System 293 WITS = Wellsite Information Transfer Specification 123

In total these RDL extensions have 18346 active classes now.

Some of these extensions contain a small set of classes, as they were required on projects, and others, such as the one from ASME, contain many classes.

DISCLAIMER - In any cases where the definition of a class is different from the original standard, the latter prevails.