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ISO 15926 overview - 2024-05-03

Portal Latest update
ISO 15926 Portal- An overview with references to topics below (and others) 17 May 2021
Management Summary
Management Summary about ISO 15926 - A summary in 644 words, highlighting what it is about 12 Oct. 2022
Data and Information - How data are being grouped to represent information 12 Oct. 2022
Data Model
ISO 15926-2 Model - source document - ISO/FDIS 15926-2 - data model. ISO published the FDIS document without any changes in content. Therefore this document applies to ISO 15926-002:2003. 22 Febr. 2024
ISO 15926-2 Foundation Model - an ISO-standard, highly generic, data model with 201 entity types that is the Top Level Ontology of ISO 15926 29 Mar. 2015
ISO 15926-2 Model in Turtle format - where the Foundation Model is in Express format, here is the result of a mapping to Turtle 17 May 2021
ISO 15926-2 model extensions - some entity types, like Person, Organization, were not listed in ISO 15926-2 because of space reasons and are added here 3 Mar. 2024
ISO 15926-2 cheat sheet - another presentation of the ISO 15926-2 data model, inclusive the proposed extensions thereof 25 Sept. 2022
Possible Worlds - how modal logic is avoided, an essential prerequisite for a Digital Twin 26 April 2018
Temporal Parts - a cornerstone of ISO 15926 for life-cycle information integration 12 Oct. 2022
About Cardinalities - The difference in cardinality definition is explained and how this is has been "repaired" 25 April 2022
Ontologies - There are three locations in the ISO 15926 stack where an ontology can be built, as an extension of the two ISO 15926-2 Upper Ontologies 25 April 2022
Templates as ontologies - templates are small ontologies, based on the Upper Ontology defined in ISO 15926-2 - from concept to implementation 18 Oct. 2022
Object Models and the RDL - An example of how to build object models in the RDL (this has not been done so far) 18 Oct. 2022
Life cycle of a Class- where a Class is eternal, its applicability is not always that, a way to describe the "life cycle" of a (Part 2) Class 18 Oct. 2022
Reference Data
Reference Data - overview - The Reference Data Library, based on ISO 15926-4, stores concepts that are widely used in the user community. 19 Oct. 2022
How does pump P-101 fit in? - An example of how the proverbial pump P-101 fits in ISO 15926-2, -4. and -7. 3 May 2024
How do Instruments and Controls fit in? - Instrumentation has many functions; this topic shows how this is handled in the RDL 3 May 2024
Templates - an introduction - the concept of templates, as defined in ISO 15926-7 and -8, is discussed briefly 21 Oct. 2022
Templates Specifications - A brief explanations of the set-up of the Template Specs is given. 14 Apr. 2023
Template examples - the full list - In this topic a full list of examples of template instances is given for quick review and SPARQL testing purposes. 11 Apr. 2024
How do Templates fit in? - Templates follow a strict pattern that is explained. 26 April 2024
Symbols for graphs - the symbols, as used in the Template Specifications, are explained here. 1 Nov. 2022
Redefinition of the Template Model - a proposal for the replacement of the flawed template model in ISO 15926-8. 22 Oct. 2022
Methodology for Template Selection - a decision tree for an SME (Subject Matter Expert) to select the applicable ISO 15926 template. 1 Nov. 2022
Templates for Activity - activity models are used to describe processes and also human activities 11 April 2022
Templates for Documents - a set of templates that cover the many variables related to modeling documents and information 23 Oct. 2022
Declaring a Tag, a Stream, and a Commodity Product - It is mandatory to declare all things, except Literals, in this part of ISO 15926. This is telling how 25 April 2023
Views on information about a Class or Individual - How to create views on the information about a Class or an Individual 25 Apr. 2023
About Bare Pumps and Pump Systems - A modelling example to solve the ambiguity. 24 Jan. 2023
Effectivity and Deprecation - shows how the beginning and ending of the validity of information is implemented. 23 Apr. 2023
Classes and Individuals - A deep specialization leads to Asset Requirements Classes. 14 Jan. 2023
Process Design - the "cradle" of the plant life cycle. 30 Oct. 2022
Process Design Model - An example of a Unit Operations model. 30 Aug. 2023
Process Cases-simple(r) - An example of a Unit Operations model for a Crude Oil Pump used for two crude oil types 25 May 2024
Process Cases-heavy - A heavy example of a Unit Operations model for a Demineralization Unit, complete with 7 steps of regeneration, each being a process cases. 26 Jan. 2024
Plant Life-cycle Model - a "back bone" model of all placeholders of plant life-cycle information 31 May 2024
PLM as date base model - The Turtle code that is the backbone for all Plant Life-cycle Information 27 Dec. 2023
The role of functional objects - the rationale for having them as intended physical-objects. 9 Oct. 2022
About Streams and Ports - about the role played by Streams and Ports in modeling. 24 Aug. 2023
Functional vs Physical Object - how a physical object gets its function defined. 31 Mar. 2019
Document Types and DocumentDefinition - with a DocumentDefinition the required contents type can be defined for one or more Document Types. 13 Mar. 2023
Breakdown Structures - Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS), Function Breakdown Structure (FBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS). 12 Apr. 2022
Catalog options - in product catalogs we often see "options" 8 Apr. 2023
Equations and Variables - detailed explanation about how an equation for a Unit Operation can be modeled and how data can be linked to variables in that equation. 11 Nov. 2018
Set Operations - Some use cases of DifferenceOfSetOfClass, IntersectionOfSetOfClass, and UnionOfSetOfClass 12 Mar. 2023
AI-ded Mapping - The new NLP AI tools may assist in data mapping. Here is a way to do it. 15 July 2024
About Addresses - Some thoughts about addressing plant items 12 Mar. 2022
Mapping of a P&ID - Piping & Instrument Diagrams are the core documents of any plant; the mapping of an example is discussed 31 Mar. 2023
Mapping of a functional design of a control loop - functional design of a control loop is based on instances of FunctionalObject that are indirectly connected by signals. 31 Oct. 2022
Mapping of a Line List - using a number of templates a complete mapping of a Line List has been detailed. 1 July 2024
Mapping of structured documents - a document model is completely detailed. 13 Apr. 2023
Mixing data and documents - this topic gives, at a conceptual level, a solution for the integration of data, that are being mapped, and documents. 4 Nov. 2022
Background Information
Part 8 compliance - this topic shows that the implementation of ISO 15926-8, as set forth in the Topics on this website, is in line with same Part 8. 6 Nov. 2022
Acronyms for Part 2 entity types - although not much in use anymore, here they are for the tenacious few 19 May 2015
A possible configuration - an example configuration for "Integration, sharing, exchange, and hand-over of distributed Plant Lifecycle Information". 12 May 2023
SHACL Portal - a portal to the contents of W3C Recommendation "Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)" 16 Nov. 2022
Validating RDF data with SHACL - a first attempt to apply the new W3C Recommendation "Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)" to validate ISO 15926-7/8 data. 11 Nov. 2022
API for the Part 9 Triple Store - a set of requirements for the Triple Store, as are to be formulated in the still missing Part 9 of ISO 15926 11 May 2023
Querying with SPARQL - in this topic a number of queries will be demonstrated. 20 April 2014
How to fetch, with SPARQL, data from triples - Once we have mapped data to triples, it is of course also important to know how the required data can be fetched again for use in some application. 17 March 2024