author: Hans Teijgeler

Why this blog?

Where the Topics are, in fact, some kind of blog, I had to stay in the "party line", so within the rules of ISO 15926. That was the reason why I removed a topic like "TP+P Method", that was compliant only 'in the spirit'.

In this blog I can address subjects that are, sometimes at some distance, related to ISO 15926. My stories will, in most cases, be rather down to earth, in that I won't use the language of logicians. I'll see where that leads me.

In case you don't understand something, please drop me a line. or meet me at Mastodon

2024-04-22 Simplification of Parts 2 and 7?
2024-03-12 Why P&ID mappings are essential
2024-03-03 Why FunctionalPhysicalObject and MaterializedPhysicalObject must be deprecated - REV.1
2024-02-06 Storing and retrieving measured process variables
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2024-01-03 About Lifecycle Activities
2024-01-01 InfoNodes?
2023-12-11 When to use rdf:type and when a Classification template
2023-11-19 Modeling Documents
2023-11-15 Implicit vs Explicit information
2023-11-06 Taxonomies are essential
2023-10-30 Coordinate Systems
2023-10-29 User-defined relationships between individuals
2023-10-27 about Properties
2023-10-26 Object-centric Information
2023-10-25 Information-centric Information
2023-10-14 Meronomies in ISO 15926
2023-09-23 Basic ISO 15926 set-up for Digital Twins