Extended Data Model

latest update 2022-09-25  


The ISO 15926-2 extensions is the place where we introduce entity types that were "forgotten" in Part 2, such as Person, Organization, InformationObject, etc. We need such entity types:

This topic also gives information about the way the entity types from the ISO 15926-2 Upper Ontology relate to instances thereof in the ISO 15926-4 Reference Data Library, and how to the added subtypes of Part 2 PossibleIndividual.
Also visit the topic that applies this for a pump P-101


The added entity types are, provisionally, stored in the Part 12 lci: ontology (lci = life cycle integration). In the future, at the time that Part 2 requires an update, these will be incorporated in Part 2.

These new entity types fit in the Part 2 model as shown in the graph below.


Extensions to ISO 15926-2 data model

The additions of members of the subtypes of ClassOfPhysicalObject below the dotted green line should not be instantiated and are used as top of a hierarchy in the RDL only.


For details about these proposed changes see the topic Part 2 Cheat Sheet.