Classes and Individuals

latest update 2022-01-14  


In this topic the basic information structure, using Classes and Individuals, is being used in ISO 15926. See also ISO 15926 on a page and the related tutorial.


Let us start with a graph from an existing topic:

This can be extended to represent a typical situation, also shown in the 'Detailed Engineering' section of the Plant Life-cycle Model (nodes 45-46-47-49-50-53-36), and further extended to a situation where:

In case an ontology is missing from that stack just select the next higher one.

The bottom part of above diagram may require some explanation:

Ontology content

The content of the ontologies in the stack shall be:

CFIHOS requirements for Centrifugal Pump System tag class

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN (= capability to pump a liquid stream with the following characteristics)
liquid name
H2S concentration
lower limit operating inlet pressure
normal operating inlet pressure
upper limit operating inlet pressure
lower limit operating outlet pressure
normal operating outlet pressure
upper limit operating outlet pressure
lower limit operating temperature
normal operating inlet temperature
normal operating temperature
upper limit operating temperature
lower limit operating volume flow rate
normal operating volume flow rate
normal volume flow rate
rated volume flow rate
upper limit operating volume flow rate
net positive suction head available
normal operating differential pressure
normal operating dynamic viscosity
normal operating specific gravity
normal operating vapour pressure


Material selection
chloride concentration
corrosive liquid
erosive liquid
liquid hazardous category

Explosion protection explosion protection gas group
explosion protection temperature class
explosion protection zone

pump type
insulation class
upper limit design pressure
test medium
test pressure
lower limit design temperature
upper limit design temperature

Operating conditions
lower limit ambient operating temperature
upper limit ambient operating temperature
operation continuous intermittent
operation single/parallel

Assembly diagram
Calibration certificate
Certificate of conformance
Curves and tables calculations
Design specification
Detailed drawing
Equipment cross section diagram
Factory acceptance test (FAT) procedure General arrangement diagram
General certificate
General list
Hazard identification report
Hazardous area certificate
Heat treatment records
Installation manual
Instrument list
Lateral critical speed analysis
Lubrication list
Maintenance manual
Manufacturer data sheet
Manufacturer record book (MRB)
Materials inspection certificate
Materials test report
Mechanical test procedure
Motor performance and electrical data and curves
Name plate drawing
Noise data sheet
Non destructive examination (NDE) personnel qualification
Non destructive test procedure
Non-destructive examination (NDE) report
Operating manual
Painting and coating inspection records
Painting and coating procedure
Positive material identification (PMI) procedure
Positive material identification (PMI) records
Pressure test procedure
Safety data sheet
Schematic diagram
Spare part list
Test procedure
Test report
Torsional critical speed analysis
Utility consumption report
Weldability test report
Welder qualification certificate
Welding procedure qualification record
Welding traceability records
Wiring diagram