Plant Life-cycle Model / LSN - Lifecycle Stages Network

latest update 2024-02-05 


This topic deals with the Life-cycle Model of a Plant:

which translates to the following model:

Placeholder Model

The Plant Life-cycle Model shown below is clearly a "back bone" model for the integration of life-cycle plant information. It shows the life cycle of ONE plant item in the structure of the Plant Life-cycle Information Model.
Each of the numbered nodes plays a role in one to many Template instances, other than the templates that replace the shown predicates (see Predicates used).

NOTE - Interrelationsships between Nodes of different instances of this Lifecycle Model shall be such, that the interrelated objects are in the same Lifecycle Activity. See for example here

Predefined Code

In each of the above chapters you will find the applicable predefined Turtle code in a generic form, that can be used to declare the information placeholders and their shown interrelationships. These have been collected in one file that you can find here

What are you looking at?

You are looking at a plant item from its birth (Process Design) to its grave (Demolition), where for each stage it is life a separate Node has been reserved, because each such node has its own information.
In fact there are TWO items: