About Lifecycle Activities

date 2024-01-03 


In the example PLM code you can see that there are two metadata in each declaration and each template instance: meta:lifeCycleActivity and meta:valEffectiveDate. Here is something noteworthy about them.


When you look at that Plant Life-cycle Model you can see that it is divided in various Lifecycle Activities. Where the PLM serves as a backbone data model for integrated lifecyle plant data, it is essential that these metadata are included, so that the information is allocated to the proper activity domain.

In your company most probably other names for these activities are in use. That is OK, but in order to warrant a minimum of global understanding of your information, you better make sure that in your local RDL extension you make your Activities a subclass of the ones in the PLM. That also gives you the possibility to subdivide a PLM Lifecycle Activity, to match your organizational breakdown.

For example: you have an Activity 'Mechanical Engineering'. In different companies that has a different meaning. You create the folllowing record in your local RDL extension:

	rdf:type dm:ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject ; # R547395 is the ID of this created class 
	rdfs:subClassOf rdl:RDS9709622 ; # DETAILED ENGINEERING
	rdfs:label "Mechanical Engineering" ;
	dc:description "xxxx - describe what Mechanical Engineering in your company entails" ;
	meta:valEffectiveDate "2024-01-03T12:40:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .
In case one or more of your Activities are not shown in the PLM and don't fit in the Lifecycle Activities shown, you can insert these. But be careful and not overly hasty to do that, it soon becomes messy. One candidate activity could be LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT between INSPECTION and ASSET MANAGEMENT, in case you want to store logistics information forever (which normally is unlikely so, but may be required in your case).

Please take notice of the fact that you refer to a Lifecycle Activity Class and that these aren't part of the PLM, only individual activities, mainly in the Actual World. Where an individual Activity is not shown, it could be added. ISO 15926 allows you to do that.