Object Models and the RDL

latest update 2022-10-18  


This topic deals with object modeling for equipment systems and their relationship with the class concepts in the RDL. In order to turn the taxonomies of the RDL into ontologies it is necessary to add predicates. These interrelate the RDL classes or specializations thereof.
NOTE - The plans of CFIHOS to map all data elements of the JIP33 specifications prohibits the use of templates in the short term; if deemed necessary these predicates may later be converted to full-blown template instances

A Pump Model

Let's have a look at a GARM (Generic AEC Reference Model) assembly model of a pump system.

This model is not claimed to be complete.

The top half-circles are called Functional Units and the bottom half-circles Technical Solutions.

Functional Units are represented by instances of ClassOfFunctionalObject and Technical Solutions by instances of ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject.