Breakdown structures

latest update 2022-04-12  


This topic deals with two uses of a generic model:

  1. Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS) and the related Function Breakdown Structure (FBS);
  2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the related Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS).

The first one applies to functional design based on process activities (e.g. PUMPING) and the related funtional units.

The second one applies to human activities (e.g. PUMP SIZING) and the related organization of resources.


Below is the generic functional resource model that applies to all use cases.

The Functional Specification, defining an instance of ClassOfFunctionalObject in a Role, may include a mathematical definition of its transfer function, as are being used in process simulator software.<


The same diagram as above (actually two of them interconnected) is shown with the annotation where the Work Breakdown and the Organization Breakdown are.

Standard Models

It is possible for companies to create a library of standard ABS - FBS and/or WBS - OBS resource models. Obviously these are adaptable.