date 2024-01-01 


First of all: Happy New Year!

For some time I have been thinking about a catchy name for the ISO 15926-7 Template concept.

Consider this: when you have collected and integrated plant information for a couple of years, that is a mountain of information, in which each template instance is a self-contained node, with a unique 'signature', such as this one:

      rdf:type tpl:IndividualHasPropertyWithValue ;
      tpl:hasPropertyPossessor ex:847931fd-eade-4beb-b07d-a9e889611c19 ; # V-101
      tpl:hasPropertyType rdl:RDS353339 ; # MASS
      tpl:valPropertyValue "30.37"^^xsd:decimal ;
      tpl:hasScale rdl:RDS2229868 ; # METRIC TON
      meta:lifeCycleActivity rdl:RDS9661877 ; # MANUFACTURING
      meta:valEffectiveDate "2021-07-27T10:19:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .

So what about an 'InfoNode' that can be fetched from millions of other nodes?

In case you have a better idea, please!