AI-ded Mapping

latest update 2023-06-26  


Using the advanced technology of NLP AI, in particular for semantic equivalence between two sentences in a natural language, might be a way to help a mapping Person to find the right mapping between his source data and standard ISO 15926-7 Templates.

The process to follow is shown in the diagram below:


Here a table from v1.5 of the CFIHOS Data Model is shown. The description for each data element is taken from the Data Dictionary. It may need some editing before entering this in a CFIHOS endpoint cfihosdd: . (don't look for it yet). Possible contents of that cfihosdd endpoint are like this:

      cfihosdd:classOrIndividual "class"^^xsd:string ; ;
      cfihosdd:table cfihos:00000035 ;
      cfihosdd:documentStatusCode ""^^cfihos:10000083 ;
      cfihosdd:documentStatus ""^^cfihos:10000043 ;
      dc:description "A Document Revision has a Document Status Code referring to a Document Status"@en ;
      cfihosdd:template cfihostpl:DocumentRevisionHasStatus .

As an aside: Document and DocumentRevision are instances of ClassOfInformationObject. Instances of a Document, like your copy of your newspaper, are Individuals.

The AI software shall compare the cfihosdd: description with all 200 descriptions of the template specifications and present the top 3-5 templates with the highest similarity rating. The rest is upto the mapping person. After proper Machine Learning the AI software might, one day, be able to select the proper template or create a new one.