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Ontopic Studio Provides an integrated low-code environment for building RDF graphs from relational data sources. The comfortable KG authoring environment features a lightweight ontology editor and an advanced mapping editor for connecting relational datasets to ontologies, resulting in either complete Virtual Knowledge Graph setups or R2RML files for generating RDF data from relational data sources. click here
D2RQ The D2RQ Platform is a system for accessing relational databases as virtual, read-only RDF graphs. It offers RDF-based access to the content of relational databases without having to replicate it into an RDF store. Using D2RQ you can:
* query a non-RDF database using SPARQL
* access the content of the database as Linked Data over the Web
* create custom dumps of the database in RDF formats for loading into an RDF store
* access information in a non-RDF database using the Apache Jena API
D2RQ is Open Source software and published under the Apache license. The source code is available on GitHub. You can contact the dev team through the issue tracker.
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Manchester Web Applications A number of OWL centric web based applications. Each app has a simple, browser based user interface as well as a “RESTful” programmatic interface. click here
RDF Validation Service Enter a URI or paste an RDF/XML document into the text field above. A 3-tuple (triple) representation of the corresponding data model as well as an optional graphical visualization of the data model will be displayed. click here
EasyRDF A PHP library designed to make it easy to consume and produce RDF.
Designed for use in mixed teams of experienced and inexperienced RDF developers. Written in PSR-12 compliant PHP and tested extensively using PHPUnit.
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EasyRDF Easy to use RDF converter, from many to many formats click here
IDLab Turtle Validator Turtle Validator-only, with helpful hints in case of something invalid click here
SPARQLer Query Validator Validates SPARQL queries, optionally with four versions of SPARQL Algebra click here
HDF5® HDF5® supports n-dimensional datasets and each element in the dataset may itself be a complex object.
HDF5® is portable, with no vendor lock-in, and is a self-describing file format, meaning everything all data and metadata can be passed along in one file.
HDF5® is a software library that runs on a range of computational platforms, from laptops to massively parallel systems, and implements a high-level API with C, C++, Fortran 90, and Java interfaces. HDF has a large ecosystem with 700+ Github projects.
HDF5® is high-performance I/O with a rich set of integrated performance features that allow for access time and storage space optimizations.
There is no limit on the number or size of data objects in the collection, giving great flexibility for big data.
HDF5® allows you to keep the metadata with the data, streamlining data lifecycles and pipelines.
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Online GUID/UUID Generator Free online tool to generate UUIDs in upper- or lowercase format, with or without Braces, and with or without Hyphens, in Base64, RFC 7515, or URL encoding. click here