Template Specifications - Change Log

Revision log

Legend: E = Editorial, G = Graph, N = Name, S = Signature change.

Date Revision description
2024-05-01 Added CL-DOCS-110.xml
2024-04-17 Changed predicate names 'hasCoordinate1' into 'hasXCoordinate' and 'hasCoordinate2' into 'hasYCoordinate' in signature of IN-LOCTN-300.xml
2024-04-16 Corrected the EXAMPLE of IN-DOCS-850.xml
2024-04-09 CORRECTION: Declared all generic template types as instance of subClassOf dm:Template; refer to here
2024-04-08 Declared all generic template types as instance of dm:ClassOfTemplate, and all template instances as subClassOf dm:Template; refer to here
2024-04-08 Added 'Classified' to the name of IN-DOCS-680.xml and IN-DOCS-720.xml
2024-04-07 Added 'Classified' to the name of CL-DESCR-100.xml and to IN-DESCR-100.xml
2024-03-30 Added 'Classified' to the name of IN-IDENT-100.xml
2024-03-25 Removed valStartDate from signature of IN-ACTIV-020.xml
2024-02-29 Added CL-PTYST-680.xml
2023-11-23 Revised CL-ACTIV-600.xml and CL-ACTIV-700.xml : removed 'hasDefined' [G-S]
2023-11-20 Revised CL-ACTIV-250.xml and CL-ACTIV-300.xml : removed 'hasDefined1 and -2' [G-S]
2023-11-14 Editorial update CL-ACTIV-200.xml : removed Cardinalities from FOL listing
2023-11-13 Revised CL-ACTIV-150.xml [G-S] and CL-ACTIV-155.xml [G-S]
2023-11-11 Revised CL-ACTIV-100.xml [G-S]
2023-08-22 Added CL-DEFN-900.xml and IN-ACTIV-020.xml
2023-08-07 Republished unchanged due to IT problem
2023-06-10 CL-ACTIV-155.xml - added this template as Yes/No variant on CL-ACTIV-150.xml
2023-05-22 IN-DOCS-800.xml - Changed 'union' into 'intersection' in description.(E)
2023-05-22 CL-SETOP-880.xml - Changed the name and semantics of the template from 'UnionOfEnumeratedSetOfClass' to 'IntersectionOfEnumeratedSetOFClass' (E-G-N)
2023-05-22 CL-DOCS-800.xml - Changed 'union' into 'intersection' in description and in the graph. (E-G)
2023-05-22 CL-DEFN-200.xml - Changed 'union' into 'intersection' in description.(E)
2023-04-14 IN-MATL-100.xml - Corrected inconsistency in template name.(E)
2023-04-09 CL-DOCS-800.xml, IN-DOCS-800.xml - Replaced UnionOfSetOfClass with IntersectionOfSetOfClass.(G)
2023-03-14 CL-DOCS-050.xml(old), CL-DOCS-051.xml(new) - Replaced CL-DOCS-050.xml with CL-DOCS-051.xml due to incorrect graph.(G-N-S)
2023-03-09 CL-ACTIV-200, CL-DOCS-450, CL-DOCS-860, CL-DOCS-900, CL-STRUC-240, IN-ACTIV-044, IN-ACTIV-052, IN-ACTIV-101, IN-STRM-400, IN-STRUC-360, IN-STRUC-480 - Made the 'YesNo' implementations consistent by using xsd:boolean instead of dm:ClassOfAssertion. Changed predicates from 'has' into 'val', stated: 'use xsd:boolean', and updated the example code.(S)
2023-03-11 All 193 specifications - Basis for change log